Logo Project (Unit 3)

This project will introduce you to the process of creating a corporate identity. When we are finished you will have a complete campaign, including logo, logo script and stationary package.

Step one in the design process is to introduce you to the client and begin developing thumbnails. For this project (as well as the stationary or corporate ID project the class will be divided into two groups. Each group will handle a different company. Group A will be dealing with Raging Monkey, a game design company while Group B will be designing for whitespace, a financial services firm.

Click the appropriate link for project details.

Group A: Raging Monkey 

Group B: whitespace

Post the 10 to 20 thumbnails as a jpg or gif in the Doc Sharing folder: Logo Thumbnails
Due Sunday
Estimated time to complete: 1 hr


Logo Project continued... (Unit 4)

This week we will continue to refine our logo concepts. The second step in the design process is Roughs. We are going to speed up the process by taking your three best concepts into Illustrator. (Usually roughs are done by hand)

You will need to add the logo script (and tag line "anger management is for sissies" for Raging Monkey and "white is the new green" for whitespace) this week. So research appropriate fonts and begin working with the placement.

The Raging Monkey example below is (almost) a good example of a final logo. It contains the company name and the tagline. It does not have a mark, though.


The whitespace example above is a good example of a logo script or logotype.

Be sure to take the feedback given on your thumbnails and apply them to your designs. You need to give us three digital roughs (each unique).

Post the three digital roughs in a jpg or gif in the Doc Sharing folder: Logo Roughs. Your three roughs should be submitted in ONE file.
Due Sunday
Estimated time to complete: 3 hrs


Logo Project Final (Unit 5)

The final logo design is due at the end of this week. Use the feedback given in the critique to choose your best rough and make the final touches to the design.

What is due:
Post a black and white version and a colored version of the final logo. Please place them on one file (points will be deducted if both are not in the same file).
See example below:

 Final versions of Raging Monkey and whitespace logos

All three elements must be accounted for: mark, logo script, tag line script.

Post the final logo as a jpg or gif in the Doc Sharing folder: Final Logo
Due Sunday